Monopole is proud of being the first GMP satisfied factory producing horse bone extract powder in Mongolia. All machines assembled in the factory are imported from the countries with the most advanced industry in the world and carefully selected from manufacturers of pharmaceutical machines meeting international GMP standards.

The closed production process applied modern technology in all the manufacturing stages from the R&D stage to the producing process and quality control process.

The producing process is completely closed from the stage of purifying input material to extracting process, concentrating process, spray drying  process and packaging process in order to maximize the production effeciency with the high accuracy and steady product quality.


Process of purifying & cutting bone  

After bone steamed, the meat and marow are removed from the bone, and then the pure bone will be washed by RO water. Then the pure bone will be cut into small pieces and then put into the extracting tanks.

Extracting process

The extracting tanks are fully automatic controlled and monitored by intelligent sensors to ensure that the temperature is kept at stable level. 

Concentrating process

The extracted liquid is concentrated by the vacuum concentrated technology (low boiling point, less than 60 degrees) to preserve the Amino Acids in the extract fluid.

Spray drying process

Spray-drying technology: solid extracts are sprayed and blew by hot wind to evaporate and then we will obtain extract powder. This method ensures the obtained extract powder is pure 100%.

Packaging process

The product is automatically packaged by the most modern packaging machine in the clean environment and the air is controlled strictly.

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